Che Chem Ha

Cave & Vaca Waterfall

Tour with us as we us as we unveil the mysteries and secrets of the Maya underworld.

Morales family, owners and pioneers to this location many years ago, can recount many stories of the logging days, jaguars, and the long mule trips into their little “paradise.” The cave, a healthy 40 minutes climb through the bush from the Morales farm, consists of Mayan pottery filled chambers with large intact pots varying in size, shape, and decoration.

Che Chem Ha Cave was used by the Maya as a storehouse for grain as well as a ceremonial center for their after-life blood letting rituals. The different levels of the cave contain numerous pristine artifacts, including large pottery vessels, some with paintings and other district markings. One of the chambers contains artifacts used in performing their ritualized ceremonies.

Price: $90 pp. min 2pax


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